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Eu venho de baixo da colina, e sob as colinas e sobre as colinas meus caminhos conduziam. E através do ar. Sou o que caminha sem ser visto.

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    H.I.M. * Circle of Fear Heartache's knocking on her door Shadows dance outside her window Tears keep falling on the floor As the world around her crumbles If you want to save her First you have to save yourself If you want to free her from the hurt Don't do it with your pain If you want to see her smile again Don't show her you're afraid 'Cause your circle of fear is the same >>>>>>>>>>>>Para melhor Visualização dess(t)e Blog Pega aew essa font: Mason

Just Relaxx!

Posted by Lidi Nunes On 09:15 0 comentários

It was an early Monday morning
I'm racing for the stars
I had not ime to smell no roses
Catching a train for Mars
I always tried to ride a rainbow
I need something to prove
But one day an old man turned and said
Your burnin out the fuse
Take a litte time, yeah, to drink your wine
A little rest is needed
Leave3 the world behind
Find a piece of mind
In Bourbon street I had my palm read
From the gypsy kind
She said to me don't close no doorways
Open up your mind


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